Are you experiencing any neck pain from whiplash or from a recent car accident? Although it is common from an accident involving motor vehicles, whiplash can also occur in falls, sports injuries, work injuries or other injuries involving a quick sudden movement to the neck. Whiplash is described as a hyperextension-hyperflexion injury to your neck. […]

School holiday is finally over, a new semester has begun for most Malaysian students.  Many tend to sleep past their bedtime during the school break due to influences like PlayStation and YouTube. However, it is important for a child to have a good amount of sleep, as it plays a vital role in determining your […]

Dorsavi is a wireless wearable sensor system that measures body movement and muscle activity with high accuracy. It provides measurable objective data to athletes, healthcare professionals, and back pain sufferers. The device has multiple applications, allowing the healthcare professional to stream information live to a computer screen and see the patient’s movement in real time. It […]

Spasm is defined as a sudden and involuntary contraction of the muscle. It usually occurs during sports activity (cramps) or when we make movements that are out of our normal pattern of movements. It usually causes a sudden pain but reduces quickly thereafter.   Why does muscle spasm? (Causes of muscle spasm) Muscle spasm usually […]

NSAIDS also known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are common solution for pain and inflammation. It is one of those easy ways to leave pain behind and to go on with one’s daily routine. They are responsible for approximately 5-10% of all medications prescribed each year. The prevalence of NSAID use in patients over 65 years […]

Jaw pain is one of the most excruciating pain and consistently and constantly nagging if left untreated. Some experience pain in their jaw that runs along their face. Some pain is localised to the joint of the jaw while some others do not experience pain but instead a clicking in their joint. A pain in […]