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Healthworks Chiropractic & Physiotherapy is the first integrated posture care centre in Malaysia that offers a wide range of specialised services such as chiropractic & physiotherapy care to improve both health and fitness. Whether you have chronic or acute pain, a sports injury, want to move better, or simply be fit, our integrated and interactive approach to your own personal goals help you reach your targets as quickly as possible. 

Healthworks is the first integrated posture care centre in Malaysia that offers a wide range of specialised services such as chiropractic & physiotherapy care to improve both health and fitness.

A boutique clinic in the middle of bustling Kuala Lumpur, Healthworks is a GEM! The staff are not just experienced, they are friendly and have an attention to detail. No time delay and no pushy packages here! Highly recommended!

Long H.S.


Available 7 days a week for all your health needs.

We offer a full range of services for you and your whole family


Restores and maintains spinal and neurological function using non-invasive techniques.


Restoring connectivity, releasing tension, restoring flexibility and enhancing movement potential


Sustainable exercise coaching focused on structural correction and improved fitness


Designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints

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Your first visit will go through a thorough screening process in order for us to assist you effectively.

  1. Patient registration
  2. Consultation & Examination
  3. Diagnosis & Synopsis
  4. X-Ray/MRI to further investigate if required
  5. Planning your treatment programme

Patient Testimonials


Healthworks team, just wanted to say a big thank you – especially to Sam - 18 months ago I did not think it possible to complete an Ironman – let alone make it onto the podium! Without your specialist knowledge and genuine care none of this would have been possible. A million thanks Sam, you’re a true professional and should be proud of what you have achieved.

Russell Allen
Ironman competitor


I was recommended by a good friend due to my intense discomfort & pain in the neck due to pinched nerves (cervical). Hence it affected my arms and caused numbness on the hand which made it difficult to grip things and felt very uncomfortable. When i met Ms Sobeni, the Physiotherapist, i received the treatment which was different from other centres. Firstly, she massaged my nerves on the hand and shoulders to calm them before applying ultrasound. These few months have proven very effective. I am still continuing my therapy although my condition has improved almost 90%. I have been to many physio centres but Healthworks has by far been effective. I highly recommend those in need of physio or chiro to seek out their website.

Pearly Tan


A few months after delivering my baby, I started having intermittent lower back pain. When the pain became a persistent nuisance, my friend recommended Dr. Samantha and it turned out to be such a blessing because her treatments really helped me just after a few sessions. I could feel relief at the lower back area, and after completing my treatments, I can confidently say the pain is gone. Dr. Sam even helped address the occasional shoulder aches and neck stiffness, and taught me the importance of maintaining spine health with appropriate exercises. She is truly a gem and I highly recommend her. Thank you, Dr. Sam!

Esther Wong


Thank you to Dr. Sam and Dr. Lucas from Healthworks! After a few years of working on a computer from home, combined with having two small children to deal with (as well as the everyday aches and pains associated with hitting middle age), I had developed quite a lot of discomfort in my lower back. Sam and Lucas were able to offer a quick, yet in-depth diagnosis of my condition, explaining to me in a technical yet easy to understand manner, exactly what was wrong, the short term alleviation of pain, mid term treatment plan, as well as the long term upkeep and maintenance of the work done by them. I was, and continue to be, impressed by their communication, friendly manner and a genuine desire to want to get to know me as person, rather than just being a client or a customer. I cannot thank or praise the team at Healthworks enough.

Ian Wade

Chiro & Physio

I am work long hours sitting in front of the computer for 2 years. My left shoulder blade hurts more and more year after year .Soreness radiates down my upper arm at rest and worse when at work. I can’t lift my arm for too long. After sessions, I have a better upper back posture and decrease in soreness over my left shoulder n upper arm. Dr Samantha knows what and where the problem is and targets the area that needs to be treated without going too far. She is friendly and informative. You can see she is experienced with a variety of cases. Sobeni knows what she is doing, she caters to my condition of that day. I go for my sessions as booked and didn’t need to wait, as their time management is excellent.

Li Fong
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