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With a team of experienced team, our treatment covers:
  • Back pain
  • Slipped disc
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Scoliosis
  • Stroke recovery
  • Knee Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • & More

Modalities of Physiotherapy Treatment

Functional Exercise

A classification of exercise that involves training the body through a variety of movements that mimic the activities of daily living. These exercises involve activating groups of muscles that generate force together to create movement as compared to conventional therapeutic exercises that normally promote muscle contraction in isolation.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is one of several ways to treat trigger points. It involves specific manipulation of the muscle or fascia through the use of sterile disposable acupuncture needles. A taut band in the muscle is first identified and then a sterile acupuncture needle will be inserted into that area. The treatment is slightly uncomfortable when the needle is introduce through the skin but the discomfort does not persist. There are four techniques of dry needling: deep, superficial, static and dynamic and the choice of technique is dependent on the presentation of your condition.


The goals of dry needling are:

  • To improve blood circulation to the trigger zone
  • To relax the taut band in the muscle
  • To release the surrounding tight fasciae

A safe application of electrical current across the body to stimulate the nervous system to provide pain relief.

Trigger Point Therapy

A ‘trigger point’ or myofascial trigger point technically is defined as a highly sensitive spot usually within a taut band of skeletal muscle or in the muscle’s fascia. This point is painful when compressed and would refer pain to other specific parts of the body. For example, a trigger point in the neck will refer pain up to head which can cause a headache.


Trigger points happen due to acute trauma (e.g. car accidents, sports injuries, falling down), repetitive microtrauma (e.g. repetitive overuse injuries, sustained loading), poor posture, emotional stress and even inactivity such as prolonged bed rest or sitting.


Physiotherapists tend to use superficial dry needling or specific trigger point treatment to release the trigger points. Dry needling is a Western method of needling whereby a therapist such as a physiotherapist will insert fine needles into the belly of a muscle in order to release the tension. Another specific trigger point treatment involves applying sustained pressure on the trigger point region.

Manual Therapy

An effective hands-on technique that applies sustained pressure into areas of tightness. Each session is performed naturally without oils, creams or machines. Our therapists best tools are their well-trained hands as they accurately detect trigger points, joint restrictions or muscle tightness and apply the appropriate technique for relief.

Physiotherapy Programmes we offer

Performance and Prevention Rehabilitation (Prehab) Programme

Over the course of your programme, our team of physiotherapists will work with you to improve your sports performance or reduce your risk of injuries. This will be done through data-based monitoring, strength and reaction training, joint-protection strategies and education.

Education will involve guiding you through the biomechanics of the body and advising you on self-management strategies. The programme will be specially tailored to your individual needs, with performance counseling based on practical evidence for sleep, nutrition, pain, injury prevention and load management.

Reaction. Balance. Strength (RBS) Programme

Reducing the negative effects of inactivity on our health.


A 12-week program – RBS is adapted from the Otago Exercise Programme and supervised by a Physiotherapist. This program is specifically designed with self-paced exercises and movements that focus on fall prevention and is highly recommended for people who have a high risk of falling, live a sedentary lifestyle, or suffer from osteoporosis and muscle loss due to aging.


Reaction. Balance. Strength

Flex-motion Programme

For some people, a lack of mobility or flexibility can be influenced by the length of their soft tissue, or by the nervous system’s ability to control their movements. We at Healthworks believe that the nervous system is malleable and can be programmed to help one achieve flexibility and mobility at a faster and safer rate.

Before intervening, we will perform selected functional movement assessments to determine the cause of your movement limitation. Once we have deduced this, you will begin by undergoing soft tissue manipulation or joint mobilisation, so as to promote mobility. Following this, we will guide you through motor control exercises, in order to enable you to control your joints safely at your newly achieved range of motion.

Bespoke rehabilitation program

Injury treatment & post surgical rehabilitation.

We provide our clients specialist treatment for endurance and contact sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.  Using the latest education, hands-on and exercise based therapies, we are able to design bespoke rehabilitation programs for each client, leading to the fastest and best possible recovery outcomes.

As well as injury based physiotherapy, we can also provide individual preventative exercise programs and running gait analysis.


Customer Appreciation

Thank you to Dr. Sam and Dr. Lucas from Healthworks! After a few years of working on a computer from home, combined with having two small children to deal with (as well as the everyday aches and pains associated with hitting middle age), I had developed quite a lot of discomfort in my lower back. Sam and Lucas were able to offer a quick, yet indepth diagnosis of my condition, explaining to me in a technical yet easy to understand manner, exactly what was wrong, the short term alleviation of pain, mid term treatment plan, as well as the long term upkeep and maintenance of the work done by them. I was, and continue to be, impressed by their communication, friendly manner and a genuine desire to want to get to know me as person, rather than just being a client or a customer. I cannot thank or praise the team at Healthworks enough. Highly recommended.

Ian Wade

When I first came to Healthworks my shoulder muscles were so tight that my right shoulder was frozen and I had a stiff neck. The stiffness was also moving down to my lower back. I had difficulty sitting cross-legged for more than 20 minutes at a time without my back cramping up. Dr. Samantha’s treatment was effective and fantastic as it provided almost instant relief and returned some mobility to my neck and shoulders. She additionally suggested a series of exercises, like chin tucks, to help strengthen my neck muscles. The sessions have definitely helped to improve my mobility and reduce the overall stiffness in my upper back. I would absolutely recommend Healthworks Chiropractic team for their professionalism and effectiveness. Thank you, Dr. Sam!

Sue C

I am working long hours sitting in front of the computer for 2 years. My left shoulder blade hurts more and more year after year .Soreness radiates down my upper arm at rest and worse when at work. I can’t lift my arm for too long. After an intensive bi-thrice weekly- sessions with Dr Samantha coupled with bi-thrice weekly sessions with physiotherapist Sobeni for 1 month, I have a better upper back posture and decrease in soreness over my left shoulder n upper arm. Dr Samantha knows what and where the problem is and targets the area that needs to be treated without going too far. She is friendly and informative. You can see she is experienced with a variety of cases. Sobeni knows what she is doing, she caters to my condition of that day and recommends the suitable treatment type for me. My only regret is that I can’t complete my treatment with them due to time constraint, but i have advises which I will comply with to help soothe my back when it hurts. I go for my sessions as booked and didn’t need to wait, as their time management is excellent. Li Fong

Li Fong

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