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Muscle Support Therapy

Muscle Flexibility Therapy

At My Health Works, we completely understand how crucial muscle flexibility is the most important when it comes to maintaining physical performance and preventing injuries. Our muscle support therapy has been designed properly in a way to improve your motion range, mitigate the risk of muscular strain and sprains and improve joint mobility. We generally use a combination of hands-on techniques and targeted exercises to improve the condition\

Practice Static And Dynamic Stretching

With the expert therapist in our team, we are able to provide the best solution to our patients. Our expert therapist incorporates different kinds of stretching methods in the treatment plan, including dynamic and static stretching. Stretching generally involves holding a specific position to elongate muscles and improve their flexibility, while dynamic stretching is the control movement for a progressive increase in the motion range and improvement of functional mobility.

Increase Your Muscle Flexibility

Our muscle support therapy at My Health Works helps you unlock the level of saline, optimising movement, patterns, and posture and getting rid of muscle tightness. Whether you are an athlete who is looking for peak performance or an individual who is constantly looking for different ways to get relief from stiffness, our support therapy can be a good choice for gaining greater resilience and flexibility.

Stretching Exercises

Our tailored stretching exercises target key muscle groups and areas of tension, promoting relaxation, lengthening, and enhanced muscle elasticity. From gentle stretches to advanced techniques, our therapists craft personalised exercise regimens tailored to your unique needs and goals, ensuring gradual progression and sustainable results.

Improves Circulation; Improves Muscle Strength

Muscle support therapy is also vital to enhance muscle strength, circulation, muscle strength and gives your body the strength to work. At My Health Works, we are completely committed to guiding you throughout the journey to improving muscle functioning and flexibility.  So, do not let your muscular limitation and stiffness restrict your journey. Take a step ahead to improve your flexibility and vitality to live a better life.

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