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What is PCL injury? PCL injuries often occur as part of the knee injury and is the least

How Are You Sitting?

As many are now working from home, it’s important to check if your are sitting correctly in your

It is an exciting day where all moms -to-be are about to meet their babies after a 10

Spinal Health

Stuck at home wondering what can you do to help your spine? Here are some ways you can

Healthworks is celebrating International Women’s Day this March by offering FREE Chiropractic and Physiotherapy assessment (Normal Price: RM299)

Migraine Headache

Migraine is the most common disabling brain disorder. Chronic migraine, a condition characterized by the experience of migrainous

Lower Back Pain Gardening

Many clients enjoy gardening as it eases their minds and gives them a sense of connection to nature

Your elbow hurts, you’ve been told to have tennis elbow but have never played tennis. You are referred

One of the more common complaints that we see in the clinic is shoulder pain. Patients presented with

De Quervain’s Tendinosis

Have you experienced pain in your thumbs that sometimes travels up to your forearm and even your elbow?

Ice or Heat For Pain?

Pain is a factor that drives most of our clients to consult us here at Healthworks, be it

Mums, Don’t Keep Mum!

It seems that everywhere we look, someone we know has back pain. Whether you work at home taking care