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Spinal Health

Stuck at home wondering what can you do to help your spine? Here are some ways you can still give your back the best when you can’t get to your chiropractor, physiotherapist or spinal expert. These are in no way going to replace the importance of healthcare or seeing a specialist. These are just some simple ways you can try to help your spinal health while staying home.

Here’s some food for thought:

Think about what you are eating!
If you have the option, try sticking to plant-based proteins when you can. Things like chia seeds, lentils and beans are good options. They also can keep in the pantry for long and doesn’t rot. You can get a good amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals in the process. Meat based proteins can cause inflammation if you are sensitive. Green leafy vegetables in general are very good to work against inflammation in your body. They contain healthy minerals and can help strengthen your spine.

Try eating foods with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. This can promote bone and tissue health. It also helps with reducing inflammation. Foods such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines are good providers of these healthy fats. You can also supplement Omega-9 fatty acids with avocados and good olive oil. Salads served with tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil are also good. Healthy nuts such as walnuts and almonds can also serve as healthy snacks and give us good fatty acids.

I’m sure some of us are wondering about dairy products and calcium intake to improve bone health but remember, dairy products also have a lot of cholesterol. Calcium can be found in other food products such as leafy green vegetables. Take some time to shop the fruit section. Look for fruits with high pigments such as strawberries, oranges and blueberries. Just remember that fruits also equal to sugar.

So you would want to balance it out with movement and exercise. As for carbohydrates complex carbs are better in this time. Such as oats and whole meal bread.

Maybe take the time to try cooking a curry! Curries have many herbs and spices: mainly turmeric which helps in repairing damaged tissue. Many curries include ginger and cinnamon as well. This does not exclude western herbs. Herbs like rosemary and basil help fight inflammation and can be easily incorporated into our meals. If you are a fan of tea, you can strengthen you immune system and reduce inflammation by drinking oolong & green teas.

Try avoiding certain types of foods as well especially fast food or overly processed food. Also try to avoid sweet beverages and soft drinks. These types of food are high in sugar and saturated fats and are bad for our overall wellbeing as well as promoting inflammation. With less movement and exercise, we should also be wary of our carbohydrate and white grain intake such as white bread and rice.

Let’s make good healthy food decisions this season while staying home. In fact, these can be made into healthy eating habits that we can follow all year round. This can help us protect our spine as well as keep healthy in addition to exercising and visiting our local spinal experts.