Pre, During and Post Pregnancy Care

Pre, During and Post – Pregnancy Care is now available in Healthworks.

During pregnancy, our centre of gravity shifts and this causes many to experience lower and upper back pain. This leads to stress and sometimes neck and headaches. With the help of adjustments and myotherapy, pain and discomfort can be relieved, making the experience of pregnancy an even more enjoyable process. This also helps mothers help regain their balance and perform to their highest physical potential. Treatments are gentle and home exercises are safe and easy.

At Healthworks, we also focus on a woman’s spinal health pre- and post- pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy treatment would include focusing on muscle development, treating current pain or conditions, initiating spinal and pelvic mobility. Post-pregnancy treatment would look into re-educating muscle groups, helping restore structure and posture, regaining muscle tonicity and ligament strengthening as well as helping with any aches and pains the mother may be experiencing.

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