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Child Developmental Delay

When you notice that your child is crawling, creep and scoot on his bottom but hasn’t start walking while other children of his age has already walking. The first thing you have in mind was about his motor development. Most children gain the ability to walk independently between the age of 11 months to 15 months. If your child is not walking by 18 months, his progress is considered delayed and delayed walking is caused by number of reasons.

Risk Factors for Developmental Problems:

  1. Genetic

Children are placed at generic risk by being born with genetic or chromosomal abnormality. Down Syndrome is an example of genetic disorder that causes developmental delay because of an abnormal chromosome.

  1. Environmental

Environmental risk results from exposure of harmful agents either before or after birth. It includes a child’s life experiences. For example, children who are born prematurely, face severe poverty, mother’s depression, poor nutrition, or lack of care are at increased risk for developmental delays.


Developmental Delay and Paediatric Physiotherapy

The most important thing a parent can do for delayed child is provide a loving and supporting environment.

A child with developmental delay will benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treatment for developmental delay should therefore starts as early as possible so that the child’s brain can adapt easily and learn faster. Physiotherapy treatment will focus on improving gross motor skills such as mobility, muscle strength, joint flexibility and balance. A precise treatment plan will be developed incorporating family, carers and teachers so that Child Development Milestones are reached.

Besides that  physiotherapy involves in muscle stretching to lengthen muscles, increase range of motion and prevent joint stiffness and contracture. Physiotherapist also helps in facilitating head and trunk control, supporting the child in sitting to develop weight shifting, coordination and balance. Advice about supportive device such as orthotic devices, walking aids and wheelchair will be given to the parents if necessary.

Physiotherapy treatment has the ability to help your child to achieve their maximum potential and be as independent as possible with their activities of daily living. Here in Healthworks, the physiotherapist will perform a thorough assessment and design a comprehensive treatment plan for the child. If there are any queries regarding this article, feel free to contact us at 018-9828539/ 03-6211 7533 or drop us an email at