Healthworks’ Corporate Talks, Pop Up Clinics And Ergonomic Workshops

At Healthworks, we organise corporate talks, mobile clinics and ergonomic workshops for corporations both big and small. We focus on posture, keeping it well maintained while at work so that employees can benefit from efficient ergonomic designs and have a healthier spine.

Ergonomic = relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.

It has been proven that proper posture paired with efficient ergonomic design promotes higher levels of productivity, lower levels of absenteeism and injury prevention. Healthy employees also lead to happy employees with healthy mental states and an overall good morale and culture in the work environment.

Here are some research reviews that have shown posture care at work to have been a successful implementation on the employer’s part in increasing efficiency and productivity.

Worker Compensation Decreased Up To 90% With Ergonomic Program 21. In this research review, MacLeod (2006) explains 25 ways in which proper ergonomics can save businesses money.  He explains that ergonomic programs decrease worker’s compensation cases by 60% to 90% and that businesses should expect to save 25 cents per hour per employee who participate in an ergonomic program.  Another benefit of the implementation of an ergonomic program that supports proper posture while performing work related tasks is increased productivity.  According to MacLeod, productivity increases 10-15% with the implementation of a postural ergonomic program.


MacLeod, D. (2006) 25 Ways Ergonomics can save you money, The Ergonomics Kit for General Industry, Taylor and Francis 2nd Edition. 

Ergonomic Programs Payback In Less Than One Year 22. Goggins et al. (2008), demonstrate the effectiveness of ergonomic interventions by explaining the cost benefit analysis of implementation.  The reported payback period of the initial investment for an ergonomic program was less than one year.  Contributing factors to a quick payback period for ergonomic programs are increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and less reported injuries.

Goggins, R. (2008) Cost Benefit measurement of Ergonomic Programs. Journal of Safety Research, 39: 339-344. 

Posture Programs Shown To Be Highly Effective 23. Postural hygiene programs are considered effective in preventing low back pain.  Postural ergonomic programs that provide participants with motivating strategies and actions to change their health are considered highly effective.  When Posture Experts take the initiative to educate local corporations and schools of the economic advantages of a postural hygiene program, the program should be designed in a way that inspires the audience to take action.  Providing employees with postural hygiene tips that they can implement right away in their career and lifestyle will positively impact their work output and prevent back pain.  Healthy employees render positive returns.

Mendez, F. et al. (2001). Postural hygiene program to prevent low back pain. Spine 26(11) 1280-1286.

If you would to engage us or to speak to someone about organising a posture campaign at your workplace, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Samantha Ong
Snr. Associate Chiropractor @ Healthworks