Healthworks – The First Integrated Posture Care Centre In Malaysia

At Healthworks, we are an integrated posture and spinal care centre where we practice Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Fitness training. We place great emphasis on mobility of your spine, your muscle movement patterns and continued care of your nervous system.

How do the different disciplines work together in the clinic?

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose neuromusculoskeletal problems and disorders. They also deal with differentiating and helping accurately diagnose different headaches, associated symptoms and disorders as well as identify vestibular and balance disorders related to your spine, muscles and nervous system. They work on reintroducing mobility to your joints and reactivating your nervous system.

Physiotherapists focus on movement and functional ability of the patient. They help patients overcome physical injuries and help them reach their body’s fullest potential. They also look into muscle movement patterns specifically and reintroduce movements the body has previously forgotten due to poor posture and spinal health.

Fitness trainers work on strengthening and maintaining the body’s new found movement and reengage previously weak deep muscles that might have been compensating or have been compensated for.
By combining these disciplines we help provide clients with holistic care that is specific to each condition. We’ve treated multiple conditions, from scoliosis in teenagers to fused lumbo-sacral spines.

Our most recent case is a 65 year old man who has an L6 vertebrae and has fusion of said vertebrae to his sacrum. He has sought many treatments and has pain almost daily along with numbness and tingling in his right leg. He has not been able to be mobile enough to exercise and finds his muscles getting weaker as years go by with his job that requires him to sit in front of a computer. With the help of chiropractic, physiotherapy and fitness training, he is now relatively pain free unless he has been sitting down for too long.

Chiropractic helped give him the confidence to working towards something more lasting instead of yearly steroid injections. We encourage him to engage his life actively and by helping relieve his pain in his lower back, he has the mobility to move into therapeutic movement pattern changes with the physiotherapy.

The physiotherapist on his case helped him increase mobility in his hips and taught him simple exercises to engage his core and to help make the adjustments last longer. Exercising with the fitness trainers have helped him decrease his fear avoidance when he comes to exercising his muscles and building up strength.

We have other cases of disc patients who are candidates for surgery but since they did not exhibit any red flags, we helped them through a care plan that involves the 3 disciplines as mentioned as above and they have since not have to undergo any surgery and they exercise regularly and weekly pain free.

If you have only tried a single means of therapy before or even if you have tried all three, we would encourage you to come in for a consultation and try engaging your muscles and spine in a way unlike before. We understand that while one discipline is important and extremely helpful, neither one is enough on their own. Our team is trained to help you experience a full life free of pain and we aim to provide you with the best care possible.