Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Why is physiotherapy at Healthworks different?

I hope you enjoyed reading my previous blogs. Here’s five reasons on why Physiotherapy at Healthworks is different:

  1. We are passionate about our profession and we strive to deliver the best care

We love our profession and we dedicate a lot of time into learning. We are trained in various assessments/ techniques and we also practise critical thinking before making any professional decisions.

  1. We promote good recovery in the shortest amount of time

We offer the shortest amount of therapy time yet promoting good recovery without compromising on quality. Our treatment sessions are generally short because time is valuable. We waste no time here and we get straight down to business. We do not leave our patients by themselves to exercise or leave them alone with a machine. We are by your side at all times!

  1. We do therapy by the individual and not by the book

Everyone is different although they can share the same symptoms or condition. We realise that understanding our patient’s beliefs and thinking helps with recovery, so our treatment plan is mainly done in collaboration with them.

  1. We are science and evidence based

Information is widely available. Some are good, but some are false. As physiotherapists that love to learn, we get our knowledge from reliable sources such as the Cochrane review or the NHS guidelines to name a few. We do not practise physiotherapy by clinical experience alone, it is always coupled with the best available evidence and patient values.

  1. We believe in active care

Being able to move is a gift that we can’t take for granted. Active care means motor control training, strength training, mobility training or coordination exercises. The umbrella term for all these is movement. Our motto is move first; modality second. It does not necessarily suggest our treatment order but where we place our emphasis.

In summary, we are a team of dedicated physiotherapists that prioritise our patient’s health. We take this responsibility seriously and you can be assured that our physiotherapy session is personalised to suit you.