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DorsaVi – Only in Healthworks!

Dorsavi is a wireless wearable sensor system that measures body movement and muscle activity with high accuracy. It provides measurable objective data to athletes, healthcare professionals, and back pain sufferers. The device has multiple applications, allowing the healthcare professional to stream information live to a computer screen and see the patient’s movement in real time.

It consists of four small lightweight sensors and a recording device that are non- invasive, pain free and easy to wear. These small sensors will be attached to the body to measure movement quality. Dorsavi is able to measure the movement quality of your neck, lower back, knee and running cycle to name a few.

At the start of the assessment, you will be required to fill in your personal information for record keeping. Then, the movement sensors will be calibrated before it is attached to your body. During the assessment, you will be asked to follow instructions strictly. However, the instructions are simple: Only perform the movement when asked and always return to the starting position when you’re done. Most of the time, you will be asked to repeat the same movement for three or five times. After the sensors have captured the data, a report will be generated, and it will be compared to a set of normative data that is nearest to your demographics.  Please watch the video to have an idea on what to expect. (

At the end of the assessment, the practitioner will show you your report and interpret the results to you. The whole duration of the Dorsavi movement analysis shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Sample reports below:

Apart from assessing your movement quality, it can be used as a treatment tool that will improve your lumbo-pelvic motor control. An example of a treatment session with Dorsavi is: Controlling the movement of a ball in the screen by using your lumbo-pelvic muscles/ joints. (

Finally, it’s another New Year and we would want you to be fit and healthy before you start 2019.  If you have made up your mind to move more or to be fitter in 2019 then we will help you achieve that. As our core purpose is to partner with our clients to live a fuller and pain free life, we will be offering our DorsaVi ViMove assessment at a special rate.

The promo price is at RM80 (normal price: RM250). Please mention the promo code (Dorsavi) to qualify for the promo price. For any inquiries or to make an appointment, please call 03-6211 7533 or email us at