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Scoliosis 101

What is scoliosis? Do I have a crooked spine?

Scoliosis is a condition where an individual has a sideways curve (C-shaped or S-shaped curve) of the spine. It is often coupled with rotation of the curved spine.

There is not much information on the causes of scoliosis. Research shows that it is often idiopathic (no known cause) but it is found to be heavily related to genetic inheritance. It is more common in female than male (3:1).

Best when diagnosed earlier in life, especially before or during puberty. This is because early detection may allow prevention of severe disability (e.g. compress internal organs, pinch nerves).

Can chiropractic treat or cure scoliosis?

Scoliosis often do not cause pain when the severity is mild. However, it may cause postural abnormalities which may lead to muscular imbalances and joint dysfunction. These conditions may cause individuals with scoliosis to have muscle tightness and soreness which can be relieved with chiropractic treatment (myotherapy).

Chiropractic treatment will not directly help to realign or reverse scoliosis however patients may have symptoms relief with treatment and it will help in the prevention of further degradation of the spine by maintaining movement in the joints.


How do I know if I have scoliosis? (Common sign and symptoms)

Abnormal posture

– Tilted pelvic (unlevelled)

– Tilted shoulder (asymmetrical)

Uneven leg length

Upper or lower back pain

Difficulty breathing

To check whether you or your child and family members have scoliosis, do visit us at Healthworks. We have a team of chiropractors who are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating those who have this condition.


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