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Aging Together – Part 2

In my previous post, I discussed about how aging affects your loved one. In today’s post, I will write about how an aging loved one might affect you, what can you do about it and what are some important aging signs to look for.

An aging loved one can affect you in many ways:

       Time- transportation, specialist visit, daily support

       Finance- special diet, extra care, nursing/helper

       Mental health- stress, depression, anger

       Relationship- family tension, disagreements

       Fear- overprotective, negligence, indifferent

What can you do about it?

Person-centred care is a priority

Each elderly person has their own preferences and the right to be heard.

Give them their autonomy.

Offer your loved ones options instead of orders.

Dignity is crucial when working with elderly people

Many elderly people feel pain, sadness, boredom and loneliness. Their dignity is easily compromised, particularly if they require personal care needs.

Have social support

Learn, share and get advice from your friends/family

Striving to understand can make you a better carer

It’s important to remember that they may say things that don’t make sense, be impatient, or express outdated views, but they still deserve compassion.

Communication abilities can vary

If they have suffered a stroke for example, speech may be affected. Many older individuals also struggle to hear and carers may need to say words clearly. Anyone who works with the elderly should explore different methods of communication.

Determine what help is needed 

Make an honest assessment of what kind of help your loved one needs and which service might work best.

Depend upon your spouse.

You may find that your parent is more comfortable relating to your spouse than to you. Your spouse and your parent are peers to a degree that you and your parent can never be.

Prepare for sibling insanity.

Expect the worst from your sibling(s). Inheritance, assets etc

Take care of yourself 

Care for yourself and have fun.

Pray or meditate.

Open yourself up to God, whatever that might mean to you.

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