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Sit up straight!

Everyone has been nagged to sit up straight by a family member, now it’s our turn to say the same thing! Does it ever end? The answer is that no – proper posture will never be something you’re too old to be reminded of and in today’s world of sitting at a desk for hours on end and staring at the mobile phone it’s even more critical.

Posture is so important to your overall health and wellness. If you need more convincing, then you should listen to what the chiropractors at Healthworks have to say about how posture impacts health.

Why is proper posture necessary?

Aside from making you look better, proper posture has several advantages. These include:

  • Improved spinal health– Practicing proper posture helps to prevent the spine from getting stuck or fixed in abnormal positions throughout the day.
  • Reduces stress on the body– Proper posture also reduces the stress on the ligaments that support the joints and hold them together.
  • Helps maintain alignment– It’s important that the spine be in proper alignment, free from dysfunction and restriction. This also helps to improve communication between the central nervous system and the rest of the body.
  • Reduces wear and tear– Abnormal wear and tear can really do a number on your joints, causing arthritis later in life in your back, your hips, your knees, and your ankles!
  • Improves breathing– When you have good posture, your lungs are able to fill more efficiently, allowing more oxygen to be supplied to your body and helping you feel energised!

Try this – it what you should be doing when standing…

Stand in front of a mirror.

  1. Holding your head up and chin in, look straight ahead.
  2. Put your shoulders back.
  3. Tuck your tummy in.
  4. Keep your knees straight.
  5. Take a deep breath and relax your shoulders.
  6. Keep your chest forward. 

Feel better?

The good news is that it’s never too late to learn to improve your posture. In fact, the chiropractors at Healthworks are happy to show you the correct posture for sitting and standing, even sleeping! Book an appointment or just ask at your next visit about simple ways you can make a difference in your posture!