Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Post-surgery Rehabilitation

Post-surgery rehabilitation is an important aspect for recovery. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or missed out. Surgery can leave a patient with scar tissue formation, muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, impaired movement, restricted range of movement and pain. These issues, if untreated, can lead to further impairment if they are not managed early.

Physiotherapy is therefore an essential component following a surgical procedure which aims to ensure your:

  • Recovery from your procedure is optimised
  • Successful return to work and recreation
  • Return to your prior level of physical function

There are no specific time frames for healing and regaining range of movement and strength following surgery, recovery is dependent on the individual. However, to ensure optimal recovery and to avoid set-backs, it is best to manage any post-surgical with your physiotherapist’s guidance and, where necessary, in consultation with your surgeon.

At Healthworks we will guide your post-surgical rehabilitation by:

  • Creating individually tailored treatments
  • Provide an exercise-based rehabilitation regime to ensure the best outcome from your procedure
  • Prescribe a home exercise programme
  • One-on-one treatment sessions

Give us a call on 03 – 6211 7533 or drop by to Mont Kiara – we look forward to discussing how we can help you optimise your recovery and get you back to fitness.